LC subscription and special characters

jbv at jbv at
Tue May 10 14:33:34 EDT 2022

Hi list,
I have been asked by a client to make some upgrades to a standalone app 
that I built with LC 6.5 about 12 years ago.
The app is a front end for managing a remote DB on a server. The DB 
content is roughly 90% in french, and the rest in english and german. It 
has about 160000 entries and counting.

I am about to buy a LC standard plan for both Mac and Win, since the app 
is been used on both platforms, and will also be in the future.
But before I proceed, I'd like to make sure that it will help solving a 
minor problem that users have met lately.

Last year a re-compiled the app, without changing anything, with a LC 
8.2 Community version.
It keeps running fine on both Win & Mac, except that on Windows, some 
special characters in french (like Ê or Æ or Œ) have become impossible 
to type with regular keys combinations (or any other mean), when it was 
possible before with the LC 6.5 version.
Furthermore, a few new users will be added to the crew, who will work 
with qwerty keyboards, when the rest of the staff will continue to work 
with azerty keyboards.

So finally my question : it seems that the standard plan is the best 
option because it will give me access to the latest LC versions, but 
what about these special characters issue ? Is it only related to LC 
8.2, or will it also occur with the latest versions ?

Thanks in advance.

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