Decrypting (and encrypting) Large files

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have you tried ti? i have not run into a situation where a variable was too

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> Wondering if anyone has used LiveCode for encrypting-decrypting large
> files? The docs typically have nice examples for files that can fit into a
> variable, but what are folks doing for big files that are larger than what
> you’d want in a variable? I’m thinking about using LC for decrypting zip
> compressed log files that can be multiple gigabytes in size. I’d like to
> use just LC vs. resorting to shell if possible.
> Likely need a hash value to compare the decrypted output against the
> original as well. I’m thinking some variation along the lines of open file
> x for read, reading some manageable chunk into memory, decrypting a
> portion, writing that to disk and repeat. But that seems too simple. Think
> we need AES 256. Any shared experience much appreciated.
> Thanks all,
> Mark
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