Decrypting (and encrypting) Large files

Mark Clark markclark at
Sun May 8 18:45:31 EDT 2022

Wondering if anyone has used LiveCode for encrypting-decrypting large files? The docs typically have nice examples for files that can fit into a variable, but what are folks doing for big files that are larger than what you’d want in a variable? I’m thinking about using LC for decrypting zip compressed log files that can be multiple gigabytes in size. I’d like to use just LC vs. resorting to shell if possible.

Likely need a hash value to compare the decrypted output against the original as well. I’m thinking some variation along the lines of open file x for read, reading some manageable chunk into memory, decrypting a portion, writing that to disk and repeat. But that seems too simple. Think we need AES 256. Any shared experience much appreciated.

Thanks all,


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