Error: Unable to install app - Mac OS 11.5.2 , Xcode 13.2 (13C90), LC 9.6.7 en iOS 15.2

Mark Smith marksmithhfx at
Sun May 8 10:11:13 EDT 2022

Hi William,

In the Standalone Application setting for iOS there are options to build for “iPod and iPhone” or two options for building for iPad (“iPad” only and “iPod, iPhone, iPad”). I was going to suggest checking those, but then, just to be sure I rebuilt one of my own apps with “iPod and iPhone” setting, and it installed and ran just fine on my iPad. I tried with both the Test button in LC and installing the app with Xcode and in both cases it worked ok, so that can’t be the problem. Do let us know if you track down the cause. 


> On May 7, 2022, at 9:06 AM, William de Smet via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi there,
> Mac OS 11.5.2 , Xcode 13.2 (13C90), LC 9.6.7 en iOS 15.2
> Yesterday I tried to put an app on my iPad 2020 with iOS 15.2 on it.
> Building the app is no problem and gives no error message on my Mac
> Putting the app with Xcode on my iPad however gives an error: Unable to
> Install App
> I checked the Provisioning Profile but the iPad is listed on it.
> I did know this because there are other apps on it.
> I did work before.
> Am I overseeing something?
> ,
> greetings,
> William
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