Re Pulldownmenu button bug on Windows

Neville Smythe neville.smythe at
Sat May 7 02:36:01 EDT 2022

The pulldownmenu bug I reported has been confirmed: bug 23693 <>

To remind the reader: On a Mac, when a user select a menu item from a pulldown menu button, the menuPick message is sent first followed by a mouseLeave message (generated as the mouse leaves the button rect to select the menu item). On Windows, the mouseLeave is sent immediately, followed by menuPick.

The Mac order is correct, the mouseLeave should be delayed until the displayed menu is dismissed.

Linux has the same incorrect behaviour as Windows.

The same situation applies to popupmenus and option menu buttons: the Mac has the correct order, Windows and Linux incorrect.

However for the combobox button, all three platforms give the wrong message order!

And one last twist, although the Mac implementation gives the correct order for 3 menu buttons, it sends the mouseLeave message twice, once immediately after the menuPick, and then again when the mouse is released.


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