How to extract a video clip...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Sat Mar 19 14:10:49 EDT 2022


I have, in LiveCode, a list of media files (various formats mp4, mp3, 
etc.) and a list of start and end times for various clips from each of 
the files. A file may (and usually does) have several clips.

Much to my disappointment, I can find NO way in LiveCode script to 
export a portion of the media from the start time to the end time. I 
hope with the revised media in LC10, this may get added!

I CAN in LiveCode open the media in a Player object and play just the 
clip from startTime to endTime.

Has anyone come up with a way, given just a file, start time, and end 
time, to output a new media file with just that clip?

Perhaps a shell command to some already installed utility or a widget? 
I'd even consider installing a free command line utility IF it was 
relatively small (in terms of disk size) so I could packing in my app 
and have my app unpack it on startup (the first time). I need this 
capability on macOS and Windows at a minimum - other platforms are 
desirable, but a solution must be available for macOS and windows (need 
not be the SAME solution as long as the same result is achieved). Also, 
any solution needs to be local and not require a server based service.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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