debugging javascript in html5

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Fri Mar 18 06:44:30 EDT 2022

Considering the html5 enhancements might well be the biggest thing in LC
10, I can foresee a whole world of pain when it comes to us debugging
Javascript interactions.

Without access to all the development tools that come in modern browsers
how is any interaction of any complexity between LC and JS going to be
debugged?  I think at the bare minimum there needs to be JS code loaded on
the default page of the html5 app launched from the IDE through  which JS
code users would easily/transparently be able to feed logging/debugging
information in _their_  JS code back to the LC app running as html5.

I'm running into these problems already in trying to work out why
libUrlLastRHHeaders() is not returning all headers.  I don't think I'm
doing anything particularly complex - yet debugging normal JS in a browser
is easy, debugging in LC is easy, but the LC/JS/LC interactions are a black
box.  IMO this lack of insight to what is going on is going to be an
 impediment to LC users taking advantage of the new html5 platform.  I feel
like I'm working with browsers from circa 1999, before the time of the
Venkman debugger that came from Mozilla.

Even a default JS function
   liveCode.log('variable =' + variable)
which was set up to send its parameter to the LC html5 app running in the
browser would be helpful.  But TBH I suspect more detailed consideration
needs to be given to this area.  I think it was 2015 when the html5
deployment was first released. Seven years later and this is finally
getting to something that could be useful, and which certainly would mark
out Livecode from almost all other development tools.

Maybe others have already worked out how to get insight into what the JS is
doing in the context of a html5 app.  If so, I'd be interested to know how
they are debugging these interactions.


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