How to access scripts on a modal card that is stuck / not visible?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Fri Mar 18 06:28:27 EDT 2022

Hi folks,
Experimenting with OAuth, I built a “Login” card containing a Browser widget that allows me to access OAuth to log onto an online service. Once authorised, the script on the Browser Widget finished with 'go card “Home”’ where I’m building out some utilities to work with the web service.

The web service’s access token is short-lived, so I thought I’d convert the Login card into a pop-up dialogue on the Home card for convenience. So, I added a “Login” button to that card to ‘go card “Login” as modal. However, now any attempt to go to the Login card results in either the card flashing up and disappearing or the stack locking with the modal card inaccessible. I seem to have created some kind of loop that is in play in run or edit modes. 

I’ve not done much with multiple card stacks and never used modes before. So, I have two questions:

1. What’s the syntax needed to open the script of an un-open object via the message box, so I can break out of this loop?
2. Can anyone please suggest a worked example or lesson of a pop-up web service login dialogue, as I’m clearly doing something basic wrong!

Thanks & regards,

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