Compiler Funding Options Update

Rick Harrison harrison at
Wed Mar 16 12:31:16 EDT 2022

Hi LiveCoders,

I just received a message from LiveCode Ltd.,
that stated the compiler has been 83% funded
with just 1 day to go.

This project really needs to be fully funded if
LiveCode is to move forward.  

Quite often I find that our present version of 
LiveCode isn’t fast enough for me to be able 
to write games with it, or to be able to process
searches fast enough.  

With a 10X speed improvement all things 
suddenly become possible.

As it was first presented, $499 for a 1 year
subscription or $99 to just support the
project was all that was in the emails
sent to me.

I was surprised that when I went to the
website to add my support, I discovered
there were a few more offerings that
weren’t in any of the emails sent to me
by LiveCode Ltd.

Other options were:

$125 for a 3 month compiler benefit  (No subscription)
$249 for a 6 month compiler benefit  (No subscription)

$499 for a 1 year subscription
$999 for a 2 year subscription
$1,499 for a 3 year subscription

I wasn’t at all aware of these additional options.

I think those options should have been mentioned
in the emails sent to me upfront instead of hoping
that I would click on a link button before seeing
that information. The marketing department could
have done better with this!

Anyway I wanted to help out with some of the
fence sitters on this project by letting you know
of some these other options in case you missed
them like I did!



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