Excel_Lib on Mac

Andreas Bergendal andreas.bergendal at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 08:42:00 EDT 2022

Matthias wrote:
> where did you get 1.5.3 from?  I have still 1.5.0 and in the download section 
> for the commercial version of the library there is still 1.5.0 and not 1.5.3. 

Heh, yes, I reported some problems to Zryip in January and he promptly fixed them each time and sent updated versions to me.
But the original 1.5.0 version already worked as expected regarding AppleScript. The problems he fixed pertained to Excel value formatting issues on Mac.

But if you actively use Excel Lib in projects (especially for Mac), you should probably ask him for the update. 
I don’t know why it hasn’t been officially released - perhaps he wants to test it more first or something. 

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