LC Player buffering data

Peter Bogdanoff bogdanoff at
Sat Mar 12 01:28:31 EST 2022

Hi, this is probably a question for Panos.

My application plays audio files from a server using the player. Some users in a academic environment are experiencing the application freezing when they play audio. These are people in a university in China, where it seems the wireless network gets choked up with simultaneous users doing things. When classes are over, all works well. Also using a cellular connection works normally (but data there is very expensive $$$ to use). Their Wifi seems to be underpowered. These are files typically 30K to 100K.

1. Does the player buffer data such that it allows the playing to start before the entire file is loaded?

2. If so, would reducing the minimum amount of buffering help with this issue?

3. If so, could there be a player setting to set the amount of required data before playing begins?


Peter Bogdanoff

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