use-livecode Digest, Vol 222, Issue 8

Quentin Long cubist at
Mon Mar 7 03:58:33 EST 2022

sez j. landman gay:
> Interesting idea. There are 25 letters on each board, some are always repeats. I think I'd need 
> a good regex so I wouldn't have to run the filter command multiple times. How's your regex?

I see you've already implemented something, but just for grins, here's my thought re: the One True Regex for this situation:
AbsentChars is the name of a variable which contains all the letters that *aren't* on the board. My first attempt at the regex is…
filter lines of WordList without "*[AbsentChars]*"
However, that will remove all words that contain at least one letter in the specific character string "absentchars", which is not what I want. So, bring out the "do" keyword…
do ("filter lines of WordList without" && quote & "*" & AbsentChars & "*" & quote)

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