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Thanks Trevor. I'll give it a go. 

Bob S

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>> sqlYoga can define table objects and relations in a database object.
>> Heretofore I have not availed myself of this, being content to only work
>> with query objects and record objects. Now as I am trying to optimize this
>> new socket agent I wrote, I am wondering if a single query for all the data
>> for a given customer/site/device would be more time efficient than multiple
>> queries for each table. So the question is, if I were to use table and
>> relations, could I craft a statement so that it perfoms a single query?
> Hi Bob,
> So table/relationship objects in SQL Yoga aren't required here. You can set
> the `related table joins` (or just `joins`) property of a SQL Query Object.
> See docs:
> https://github.com/trevordevore/sql-yoga/wiki/SQL-Yoga-API#sqlquery_set
> Per the docs, if you have table and relationship objects defined you can
> use shorthand to set the property. You can just use the longhand approach
> to run some tests and see if your code runs faster with a single query that
> returns data from multiple tables vs multiple queries that query each table
> individually.
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