Mobile Clipboard?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Dec 23 13:12:30 EST 2022

Mark Talluto wrote:

On Fri, Dec 16, 2022 at 10:54 AM Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Unless there's been a very recent change, I don't believe LC-made
 >> mobile apps can use the clipboard at all outside of user interactions
 >> within scripted instantiations of mobile-native fields.
 >> Do we have any word from the team on when this will be added?
 > Livecode apps for mobile devices take advantage of the host OS
 > clipboard. You have to use the native input fields to access the
 > clipboard.

Yes, the mobile-native fields you describe were what I was referring to.

Those are useful for many if not most tasks, but on desktop we're 
accustomed to a copy command (and deliciously more in recent LC 
versions) that lets us put things on the clipboard outside of user text 
editing operations.

I don't know Dan Friedman's need specifically, but cases where I've 
allowed users to copy things beyond selected text include things like 
DataGrid list items, where the copy of the data I export to the 
Clipboard for use in other apps is a tab-delimited set of record items 
(pretty much the same as Excel does), suitable for pasting in anything 
that can accept that, from plain text editors to email clients to Google 
Sheets or Apple Numbers.

This hasn't been a show-stopper for me yet, and I don't know how 
critical it is for Dan.  But given the excellent Clipboard support 
xTalks have always enjoyed, and how far beyond those conventions LC has 
taken it in recent years, just about any useful subset of LC's Clipboard 
options would be very useful to have on mobile.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

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