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Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Tue Dec 20 10:48:41 EST 2022

I'm just using this post to raise awareness on the list (if anyone 
reading this doesn't know this already)

When using 'wait 0 with messages' any messages in the pendingMessages 
(who are not delayed in time) get processed. This includes (potentially) 
user clicks (mouseDown and mosueUp events). In a multi-window 
application, this can be a click on another window, changing the 
defaultSTack. If the original script with the 'wait 0 with messages' 
does not use fully qualified object references, script execution errors 
can result. Example:

You have a script in a button on Stack/Window X that have the following 

wait 0 with messages
put tData into fld "MyData"


wait 0 with messages
put tData into fld "MyData" of stack "X"

In the first case, if the user had previously click on Window/Stack Y, 
that mouse action would make Stack Y the defaultStack and line 2 of the 
first exampel would generate an error (unless stack Y ALSO has a field 
called "MyData"

In the second example the script would still work since the field 
"MyData" object reference is not dependent upon the defaultStack being 
stack "X"

In mobile (single windows) and desktop app that have a single 
window/stack this is generally not an issue. But in multi-window desktop 
apps in LC, not fully qualifying object references can really cause 
problems when using wait with messages

On 12/20/2022 10:18 AM, bob--- via use-livecode wrote:
> I find to get the spinner to rotate you need to add a wait with messages statement into loops somewhere.
> wait 0 seconds with messages
> Give it a try and see if that gets it spinning.
> - Bob Hall

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