What ever happened to LC blockchain?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Dec 18 15:32:34 EST 2022

Rick Harrison wrote:

 > Hi Richard,
 > I just read an article about Ethereum, and smart contracts.
 > How one would approach this with LiveCode would be
 > an interesting topic, although it does raise some questions.

All good questions, which is why I was quick to note that I have no 
interest in speculative psuedo-currency applications.

At the moment I'm mostly interesting in finding ways to use tokens to 
certify different stages of participation in scavenger hunt games for 
live events. Some of these events have global secondary audiences, so a 
token with decentralized availability and inherent authentication has 
some utility.

What is your interest that prompted you to introduce this thread?

Richard Gaskin
Fourth World Systems

 > For example: Assume that someone writes an app
 > like a game, that is stored as a smart contract. Although
 > it is decentralized, future obsolescence of hardware
 > and software, will eventually make the game
 > obsolete too. Then it’s just trash data slowing
 > down blockchain transactions.  Does that make
 > sense?
 > The article I read also discussed CrytoKitties
 > which I would say is the same as NFT artwork.
 > I don’t see much value in that kind of artwork.
 > There is also speculation that the reason some
 > of this artwork has sold for large sums of money
 > is because it is being used by criminal elements
 > to conduct money laundering.  That of course
 > falsely makes the currency seem that it must
 > have some real value, that fools others into
 > investing in it.
 > There has to be a better way to implement
 > such ideas.
 > Just my 2 cents.
 > Thanks for your replies!
 > Rick

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