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Sun Dec 18 10:27:22 EST 2022

I tried using ChatGPT just to see how good or bad it might be
at writing LiveCode programs.

It looked really cool when it generated the code, and at first I was
all excited about it.  Upon closer inspection it became clear that
it was really bad code.  Lots of syntax errors, a bunch of
logic errors, and a lot of run-time errors.  I spent a couple hours
trying to debug it, and finally decided it wasn’t worth my time, as
I was having to rewrite a lot of it.

My conclusion, ChatGPT won’t be replacing programmers for a very
long time.  It really was like searching Google without using
Google.  It seemed to be pulling code snippets from various
sources however, so I’m unconvinced that it is just using its own

It’s probably Ok as a chatbot, but I didn’t try out that functionality,
so I can’t say for sure.

Just my 2 cents for the day.


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> That's a good read. 
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>> Another perspective on ChatGPT:
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