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Fri Dec 9 15:43:53 EST 2022

Just for fun I thought I would add a few things here.

1. if you add the chrome extension from then you can
print save the output seamlessly.

2. If you are ambitious you could port this extension to safari and then
port it to ios for iphone and ipda

3. if you used hypercard instead of livecode there were more sample code
available and then you could easily migrate to livecode (similarly to get
complex routines you could ask for python or another language that had a
large code base to pull from)

4. you can start with asking it to write a routine and then after it
responds you can then ask it to enhance the routine or add to the routine
etc as if you were dialoguing with a programmer

5. I have found that it makes its best effort based on the level of cases
and so not all the code is correct but fairly close (I did a test with
mathematica). Optionally copilot is more rigid and alpha code is also more
precise but limited to two languages

6. it's other strength is writing blog topics, letters, marketing etc

Not sure if any of this is of interest.....

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> > On Dec 9, 2022, at 11:02 AM, Stephen Barncard <stephen at>
> wrote:
> >
> > OK, we are interested. What is the backstory?  I just looked up ChatGPT
> > what did you have to do to get that response?
> Stephen,
> See the lines labelled ME? That's what I did. And that's all that I did.
> Try it yourself!
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> JimL
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