Strange script error - pass openStack

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Thu Sep 23 08:31:42 EDT 2021


 > I’ve just tried making a new stack that has:

 > on openStack
 >    pass openStack
 > end openStack

1. Make sure this openStack is in your first CARD's script.

 > I poked into the script of the stack home.livecodescript
 > and see these lines

 > if the short name of the owner of the target is not "Home" then
 >     pass openStack
 > end if

2. You (or another open stack) may have done something unusual.
I'm not 100% convinced you've found the problem yet.
There are a few inconsistent details in your message,
plus it seems that LC did not pinpoint the offending code line?

3. But the home.livecodescript code could be more robust.
(Always ensure a target and owner exist before accessing properties.)
You could QA report that as a possible IDE bug.

Meanwhile, don't pass openStack and see if you still get an error!

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Curry Kenworthy

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