Strange script error - pass openStack

Peter Bogdanoff bogdanoff at
Thu Sep 23 00:44:49 EDT 2021

In trying to debug a problem with my music program, at one point I got an error dialog:

Message execution error:
Error description: Object Name:
Hint: stack "/Applications/LiveCode Business”

So, I tried stepping through an openStack handler I have, and sure enough, once I passed the “pass openStack” I saw that same error in the Message box.

I’ve just tried making a new stack that has:

on openStack
   pass openStack
end openStack

with the red break on the line "pass openStack", and the same error showed in the Message box.

I poked into the script of the stack home.livecodescript and see these lines

if the short name of the owner of the target is not "Home" then
    pass openStack
end if

I add a line before that: put “foo”
After the dialog is closed the Message box shows:
Message execution error:
Error description: Chunk: no target found

Question 1 — should this be happening—me seeing a livecodescript error—and can it affect my openStack handler, or the total operation of my stack?
Question 2 — should I be passing openStack on from my project? I’ve been doing that since HyperCard days and never thought a second about it.

LC 9.6.4

Peter Bogdanoff

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