IDE line number doesn't update

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Wed Sep 22 09:08:53 EDT 2021


 > Separate LC 9 SE Bugs we have, or had:

"- Performance and practical script size limit.
- This one, line # updating.
- Messed up handler indentation.
- Disassociation of SE from script's object.
- SE window disappears if too many tabs.
- Excessive disk use (for HDD/antivirus)
- SE confusion about last insertion point/scroll.
- Weird text hilites in SE."

... Also more SE bugs:

- Messed up drags
- Clipboard affected by SE editing
- Invisible menus in stacks while SE open
- Uncontrollable scrolling
- Null filter needed when pasting
- Certain errors do not trigger debugging
- (Unable to save changes due to above Disassociation)
- (Hard to set breakpoints due to above line # updating)
- SE sometimes doesn't notice a copy or paste keystroke
- "Find in>Docs" will not be noticed by newbies
- Sometimes either "on" or "end" gets clipped/disappears
-  (and there are more; this is a few)

All from memory, haven't rechecked them.

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