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Curry Kenworthy curry at
Tue Sep 21 08:51:56 EDT 2021


 > beside the horrible IDE performance in general
 > the line number doesn't gets updated when scrolling the code
 > Has anybody perhaps found any tweak to get the line # working again?

Only the same tactic you mentioned:

 > You have to click the mouse into the code, to get the line # updated

So the user discipline: Look at code, scroll, click, look at line#.
This feature keeps us on our toes. :)


 > This is an issue dating all the way back to LC9.0.0.
 > It has been raised several times
 > I've ended up at Bug 23117
 > <>

Is there a separate Bug reported on this?
It is not the same as performance issues.

(The SE has performance issues, and even
line # performance limits I would think,
but not updating is a separate bug.)

I am still a bit sick with the tail end of COVID,
so not up to searching or reporting bugs this week.

Separate LC 9 SE Bugs we have, or had:

- Performance and practical script size limit.
- This one, line # updating.
- Messed up handler indentation.
- Disassociation of SE from script's object.
- SE window disappears if too many tabs.
- Excessive disk use (for HDD/antivirus)
- SE confusion about last insertion point/scroll.
- Weird text hilites in SE.

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