export a stack and recreate it it by script

Douglas A. Ruisaard dougr at telus.net
Wed Sep 15 11:34:42 EDT 2021

You might also check out "Script Reporter".. which should be available
somewhere on the LC site.  It's a GREAT program which reads entire stacks
(one at a time, mind you) and allows a cut & paste of the code into a simple
text file.  Like Ben's suggestion, I use it extensively for version
differences.  You can also simply paste the output (one card at a time) back
into the LC editor and you've got a newly generated project.

If Ben's option offers a multiple card-at-a-time solution, THAT would be
superior to Script Reported in this context, but it's still is another

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I have been lurking for a while and do not really write code anymore. 
However, I am in a situation, where I need to maintain a very old 
project, that consists of a large(ish) collection of stacks that is 
crashing frequently with newer engine versions.My suspicion is that it 
is due to either a somewhere corrupted stack and/or a wild mix of 
stackFileVersions. Has anyone of you created a Script that exports a 
stack to a text / XML / Json / whatever file and can recreate them with 
the latest stackFileVersion? That would save me some trouble and feed my 
lazyness. :-)

If you want to contact me off list, please use malte [at] derbrill.de

All the best,


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