LiveCode 10 - what are your thoughts on the new features?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Sep 8 19:37:58 EDT 2021

On 2021-09-08 01:33, Alex Tweedly via use-livecode wrote:

>> But
>>      put [1, 2, 3 ] into tVar2
>> isn't clear to me. If it was in Python it would be a list - but LC
>> doesn't have 'lists'.
>> Is it equivalent to
>>    put true into tVar2[1]
>>    put true into tVar2[2]
>>    put true into tVar2[3]    ??
and then On 08/09/2021 08:50, Mark Waddingham via use-livecode wrote:
> Yes.
But I'm not sure he meant it :-)

He went on to say

> A sequence in LC is a numerically-keyed array where the keys range 
> from 1...the number of elements.
> Admittedly they are (currently) still implemented as a 'normal' array 
> internally, but they do have different functionality in `repeat for 
> each element` which iterates in numeric order, and not hash order.

This example gives a sequence - but only, basically, by coincidence. A 
better example would be

    put [4, 5, 7] into tV

Using the 'expansion' I used before - that would be equivalent to
    put true into tV[4]
    put true into tV[5]
    put true into tV[7]

not a sequence - and wouldn't preserve ordering in subsequent "repeat 
for each element".

I think that

    put [4, 5, 7] into tV

is actually equivalent to
    put 4 into tV[1]
    put 5 into tV[2]
    put 7 into tV[3]

But I'm happy to wait and try it out in the DP.


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