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Curry Kenworthy curry at
Wed Sep 8 09:22:35 EDT 2021


 > It would be good to understand if this has always been an issue,
 > or whether it came in with the switch to LC7, as we know
 > some other Windows-specific speed issues did.

Not "it". Instead a combination:

1. LC 7 Engine Performance issues.
2. New Windows antivirus trends affecting disk access.
3. Mediocre LC SE design with excessive disk access.
4. Lack of LC Dev Team adequate Windows use/testing.
5. Fewer "High Roller" or "VIP" LC users focused on Windows.
6. New SE "wow" features built atop Mediocre LC SE design.
7. Perhaps others/still unknown.

Long thread(s) about this previously including one by myself.

Solutions for many:

1. Only use SSD, never HDD.
2. Tweak antivirus, disable intensive options.
3. Turn off some fancy newer SE bling options.
4. Adequate memory, optimize PC.

I've had no problems since SSD.

(But yeah, it's mostly mediocre IDE design + antivirus trends,
plus Mac is the teacher's pet and favored platform.)

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