Email Support level(s) clarification

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Wed Sep 8 07:10:29 EDT 2021

I hate to ask this offlist one-on-one because
it seems much more of an FAQ-type question,
where answering once could service many people,
saving both LC Ltd and ourselves lots of time.

So here it is....

Now "Email Support" is listed as an Addon
in the new Standard Pricing page.

The details mention "unlimited email support"
with "2 business days" turnaround.

The cost seems to be the same as a platform.

And here's the reason this is confusing:
I don't see any info on the alternative
or default if we do NOT add Email Support.
(What's the "standard" Standard support, if any?)

In practice, LC support email has been used
for an incredibly broad range of issues.
Everything from "hey, the web store is down"
to Licensing questions. (And this question!)

For years we've had two levels of support:
default, or faster/more involved Pro support.

If the new addon is roughly like Pro support,
and the default still has basic email support,
then it'll all make sense for existing users.
Otherwise ... please enlighten me. Thanks!

(I'd suggest an FAQ on this for newbies too.)

Apologies if this has been covered already;
I was unable to follow every thread lately.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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"Better Methods, Better Results"
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