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Sun Sep 5 21:46:33 EDT 2021

Let’s get this conundrum worked out:

1. If I have Mac or Windows machine
2. If I download “Livecode 9.6.4 Standard ”
3. And I pay $300.00 for an annual license
4. I can build for Desktop for Windows, Linux, iOS iPhone, Android
5. Minus Premium features
6. For one year + plus the upgrades that occur in that year.

1. I have a Mac or Windows machine
2. If I buy $9.90 per month
3. If I can *still* download “Livecode 9.6.4 Standard ”
4. I can build for Desktop for Windows, Linux, iOS iPhone, Android
5. But, I will forgo any upgrades that occur in that year.
6. If I built, in one month time, a standalone the works iOS iPhone and Android. It will be good for Apple and Google
7. But I stop subscription that means, the standalone stops working

What is complicated about that? OR can we clarify?

The HTML “thingy” is not addressed.

So I have a “permanent, Business License, all features included,” but I want to buy a license for co-workers that live, for example, in California. $300.00 is cheap.

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On 9/5/21, 2:32 AM, "use-livecode" <use-livecode-bounces at> wrote:
Hi Folks,

This seems headed for trouble again if we're not careful.

We must avoid repeating the same history:

1. Added work for LC Ltd without compensation*
2. Buggy struggling main product due to #1
3. Overcomplicating things
4. Burdening those who pay with the extra expense
5. *Added work for ourselves without compensation;
(That was the previous "bright idea" remember?)

Cutting out the free Community version is a smart move.
$10/mo hobby is pretty darn cheap. Everyone can afford that.

(Some end-clients want OSS, but only half of those know why.
The other half are only repeating something they heard.)

A demo is beneficial, and calendar-time-limited demos suck.
Thus, unlimited-calendar-time demo could be the way to go.
10-line scripts suck too. Non-standalone might be the way.

But as Alex said:

> You can make it easy (or even trivial) for anyone
> to install and run the stacks you create.

Yep. Even easier than your example; no plugin necessary.
A shortcut to your stack, and it launches the IDE.
Not that much different from a full desktop app.
I could make it near enough to please most users.
Then we're still encouraging nonpayment for LC.
So we need an additional limitation.

But now we're

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