Licensing model change

Sean Cole (Pi) sean at
Thu Sep 2 16:28:39 EDT 2021

Not even close it would seem. For $300 you will get Win/Mac/Lin (like we
used to). But now we'll have to pay $300 for each with some weird-as
discount applied (maybe).

It's very out of whack. I like the model used by xojo that is based on
Desktop, Web, iOS and Android. It makes much more sense. But I'm guessing
they are splitting up the desktops because of the chances that MOST
developers only develop for one platform (most likely Windows) and coding
the engine for these other platforms has to be done somewhat differently to
each other so they want to reclaim those costs. But surely those other
platforms MUST be coded anyway to maintain a 'cross-platform' environment.
So surely the cost 'should' be absorbed by all users rather than the few
who deploy to Mac/Lin.

Only my opinion verbalised. Still only based on raw info at the moment.

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> I'd also be curious how the new model compares to xojo
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