I’m a software engineer, not a platform engineer.

Pi Digital sean at pidigital.co.uk
Thu Sep 2 14:06:56 EDT 2021

Peace to all at this difficult time. 

My working structure doesn’t seem to fit in with the new ‘model’ that LiveCode have imposed on us earlier this week. I understand their need to change and up their methodology. And I’m sure their model probably does fit the vast majority of LC users and will benefit them greatly. But it doesn’t fit mine even closely. 

I’m a software engineer, not specifically to any platform. As a freelancer I work where the need is. Any given client will have any number of needs. 

My main client work is almost exclusively for the Windows environment although we were trying to get it moved over to HTML. This failed because the LC deployment to that platform was not fit for use and so we await eagerly LC10 (despite continuing to have to pay the subscription while they fix it). We have also used the Linux deployment for a period until CentOS got dropped from our server. 

But other clients, especially in the TV, Film and AV industry, could require software being produced for any given platform depending on their needs. These projects last little more than a month. But I have to pay for a full years licence as and when I’d need it. But I won’t be able to get a ‘bundle discount’ as they put it. But they don’t hold prices for upgrading a current subscription. So one can only assume they will carry on charging $300 per platform per year plus any other addons. 

What LiveCode (and probably most on here) would say is that I should have to charge whatever deployment fee I have to pay on top of my usual fees. Which sounds ok except for many of these quick turnaround jobs it basically makes it unviable to the end clients. So I’m guessing that means most of my clients will disappear. Again. Or I am forced to buy all platforms ‘just in case’ and try to absorb the cost into future possible work. Which sucks. And is there in no way equivalent to what I currently pay. 

I don’t know how this will play out for me. It’s all a bit skewed and too fresh in my mental inbox at the moment to fully comprehend. Time will tell. I’m still waiting to hear from Heather what they are offering for when my next sub ends. I’m hoping they take all of the above into account. 

All the best to all of you. 


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