Length of Trial for xAPI Cohort use

Brian K. Duck bduck at mac.com
Thu Sep 2 13:56:23 EDT 2021


I recently led a project where a group of programmers from this list stepped up and taught LiveCode to a group of Instructional Designers as part of the Spring xAPI Cohort. We were able to build a minimum viable product in a few weeks, share the code in GitHub and make multiple project improvements by working in parallel.

The project status was reported out in the weekly cohort sessions and captured in GitHub, project meetings and demos were recorded and published in YouTube videos and GitHub, and the final projects were demonstrated during the xAPI Cohort final session and xAPI Party. The final session and xAPI Party we’re recorded and archived for later viewing.

“The xAPI Learning Cohort is a free, vendor-neutral, 12-week learning-by-doing project-based team learning experience about the Experience API. “

So, a 12 week trial to meet the semester long session would match the needs of educators better than a 30 or 90 day trial.


MORE DETAILS on the xAPI Cohort
Register here:

Email will be sent with meeting and slack messaging info, later you will receive info on how to join the cohort GitHub for details on current and past projects.

It’s FREE, and starts TODAY. 9/2/21 at 2PM Eastern
(Forgive the redundancy, I’m copying and pasting on an iPad!)

If you miss a session, the url for the recording is sent to those registered.

(Yep, you read that right – free!) It’s an opportunity for those who are brand new to xAPI and those who are looking to experiment with it to learn from each other and from the work itself.

Participants form teams based on shared interests and work together on an xAPI project. Each cohort features some predefined projects so you can jump right into something that sounds interesting and of course you can come with your own project idea and gather a team around you to get moving (or bring your team!). Past projects have included an onboarding checklist that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT), a game that tracks user clicks as a way to identify UX gaps, and exploration of LMS-LRS interoperability.

xAPI Learning Cohorts run twice a year in spring and fall “semesters” with weekly all-group web meetings on Thursdays 2pm US Eastern Time chock-full of introductory information, practical how-tos, and high-level discussions of the implications for our industry. Teams work on real-life projects that interest them and set their own meeting and working schedules. Oh, and it’s ok to just hang out on the sidelines and observe the action if taking on a team project is too much right now. It’s also ok to participate on more than one project team during a Cohort session.

Best of all, the Cohort is FREE, virtual (so anyone anywhere in the world can participate), and tool/platform agnostic. 

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