LiveCode community edition is gone

Keith Martin thatkeith at
Wed Sep 1 10:12:09 EDT 2021

I just hope that my Price Lock Indy subscription will continue as promised. Kevin did say yesterday that "if we promised something in the past we do honour it” and back when I started my Indy sub I was told that my subscription will 'remain at the same cost for as long as I keep it active' – hence the Price Lock title.

I’m very happy to continue paying that.
Community was an amazing initiative but that’s a rather different agreement. :)


> On 1 Sep 2021, at 14:28, Bernard Devlin via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> FWIW over on the forums the sentiment seems to be mostly hostile to these
> changes. Many are talking of collecting and hosting past "community"
> installers to get around these changes by LC Ltd, others talking of jumping
> ship.  Over there the attitude is "the sky is falling".  I can only assume
> many of them used LC simply because it was free of charge, disliking that
> doing so in future will entail them making some contribution to the cost of
> progress.
> Regards, Bernard
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