variable window not applying changes

James Hale james at
Wed Nov 24 19:36:58 EST 2021

Double clicking on the line in the variable list only opens a single watcher window.

If I do this in my current project I make a change, click "apply" and the previous value (before I made the change) returns!

I have since made a test stack to see if the problem persists.
It doesn't.
Making a change in a variable of the test stack worked as expected.

So whatever is happening is confined to my current project.
Very strange.

Restarting LC does not solve the issue.
Right now it is just an inconvenience but I am intrigued as to what is present in my current project that makes this happen.

When I complete it I will test again and if still present send the stack to LC (in a bug report.) and see if Panos can illuminate me.

Thanks for the comments.


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