How to in LC for Desktop and the Web?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed Nov 24 19:15:01 EST 2021

I have an LC application that currently runs on Window and macOS, that I 
want to try to get running under LC 10 for the web. One characteristic 
of the app is that it opens a number of external stacks. On desktop 
platforms, these external stacks (outside the .EXE (windows) or .app 
package (macOS) are found in a folder at the same level as the installed 

So if the app is installed at C:\Program Files\MyApp\MyApp.exe
The the folder containing the external stacks is at C"\Program 

I get the path of the mainstack and use it to construct the path to the 

If I build for Web, is there some equivalent model for external stacks?

I get that I may need to have a:

switch platform()
   case "Win32"
   case "macOS"
      -- load external stacks the way I do now
   case "web"
      -- load external stacks some other way
end switch

but what is the web best practice for that 'some other way"? And is it 
different if I am testing locally vs hosting MyApp on a server?

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