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Fri Nov 19 23:36:13 EST 2021

This may not be exactly what you want, but I find the best way for me is to 
subscribe to individual posts. I have a filter in my email app 
(Thunderbird) that redirects all list posts into a separate folder. There 
is also a setting to arrange the posts in thread view so you can see 
related posts in order by thread. I find this method to be very easy to 
read and maintain.

I'm not sure why you're getting garbage in the posts. I have Thunderbird 
set to show posts as text-only and I don't see the problem. I've never much 
liked Apple Mail so I'm not familiar with its features but maybe it has 
something similar to the above.

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On November 19, 2021 6:06:26 PM Robert Earp via use-livecode 
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> Does anybody know a a great interface for digests from the LC lists ?
> I have two problems...
> Ever since I subscribed to the two LC lists many years ago when they first 
> started I set my subscription options to send digests so that I would not 
> have oodles of separate eMails sent to me, one each time somebody posted 
> something.  To some extent digests works OK as at the top of the digest you 
> get the “Today’s Topics” summary and each message/post numbered.  I also 
> get to see who has posted what, which I suspect like you, I use as a 
> filter.  If I see something of interest in the Today’s Topics (although the 
> topic can often be misleading) from somebody I trust,  I scroll down the 
> digest until I get to the actual post.
> Frankly, the scrolling is a pain especially as posts are not grouped by 
> topic, they are chronologically grouped, plus people often repeat the whole 
> thread in their reply which makes scrolling arduous.
> The second problem I have is that frequently some of the characters in a 
> post do not show in Apple Mail (what I am using to view the digests) as a 
> the correct/intended/valid character.  I often see question marks and 
> sometimes other characters in place of what somebody has posted.  ex.  
> “…..pop-up that says ?The ?C++filt? command…..”   Of course, it is a 
> guessing game as to what character the “?” is replacing.
> Given that the lists are LC centric, I would have hoped somebody would have 
> come up with a better interface by now !!
> Do you have a better way of keeping up with the lists or know of a stack or 
> web site that does ?
> Many thanks, Bob...
> Robert (Bob) Earp
> White Rock
> British Columbia
> Canada
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