Reading LC List Digests

Robert Earp rjearp99 at
Fri Nov 19 19:04:10 EST 2021

Does anybody know a a great interface for digests from the LC lists ?

I have two problems...

Ever since I subscribed to the two LC lists many years ago when they first started I set my subscription options to send digests so that I would not have oodles of separate eMails sent to me, one each time somebody posted something.  To some extent digests works OK as at the top of the digest you get the “Today’s Topics” summary and each message/post numbered.  I also get to see who has posted what, which I suspect like you, I use as a filter.  If I see something of interest in the Today’s Topics (although the topic can often be misleading) from somebody I trust,  I scroll down the digest until I get to the actual post.  

Frankly, the scrolling is a pain especially as posts are not grouped by topic, they are chronologically grouped, plus people often repeat the whole thread in their reply which makes scrolling arduous.  

The second problem I have is that frequently some of the characters in a post do not show in Apple Mail (what I am using to view the digests) as a the correct/intended/valid character.  I often see question marks and sometimes other characters in place of what somebody has posted.  ex.  “…..pop-up that says ?The ?C++filt? command…..”   Of course, it is a guessing game as to what character the “?” is replacing.

Given that the lists are LC centric, I would have hoped somebody would have come up with a better interface by now !!

Do you have a better way of keeping up with the lists or know of a stack or web site that does ?

Many thanks, Bob...

Robert (Bob) Earp
White Rock
British Columbia

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