After 2 years still no Server notes in the zip

JeeJeeStudio jeejeestudio at
Wed May 26 15:41:07 EDT 2021


why are there still no Server notes in the Server zip file on the 
downloads page.

It only contains the release notes, which do not contain instructions on 
how to install.

You can't expect new users to search into version 6 to find the release 
notes (which I have by the way)

The notes needs also updating to which conf file needs editing, it has 
changed for a while it's not httpd.conf anymore.

Yes you can search the forum, but that's not user friendly.

How can one expect new users to start using the LC server to give it 
more fuel, when there are no instructions included?

I Updated the bug report from 2 !! years ago:

An awesome server needs more attention.

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