XCode command line tools 12

Ralph DiMola rdimola at evergreeninfo.net
Wed May 19 20:12:45 EDT 2021

This has worked for me.

1) Never upgrade or install Xcode from the app store.
2) Download from developer site.
3) NEVER put xcode.app in the Applications folder.
4) I made a new folder with all the Xcode versions I need. Rename every
download with a version number suffix.
5) Open up downloaded versions after rename. This will finish the
6) Now for the magic at command prompt:
This will show what tools LC will use for building==> xcode-select
This will set the tools that LC will use for building==> sudo xcpde-slect
-switch "path to xcode.app version to build with"

You will see if the version of Xcode is supported on your version of Mac OS
when doing step 5 above.
In setting On the "mobile support" pane of prefs you can add several version
of Xcode to support older simulators and sdks

I have Xcode 8.2.1, 9.2, 10.1 and 11.3.1 on my Mojave Mac. This give me
10.2,11.2,21.1 and 13.1 simulators.

I will be upgrading to Catalina shortly. Why, because I have to...

Ralph DiMola
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Evergreen Information Services
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I'm still debating what to do about XCode on a Mojave machine. Couple of

1. LC says to use 12.1 but the latest command line tools are 12.5. Is 12.1
specifically required or is a newer version okay? 12.1 was a GM seed but was
quickly updated to 12.2.

2. The main question: I've downloaded the tools manually and I could run the
package installer to install them. What would happen if I install the 12.x
tools on a Mojave machine?

Could I rename the old folder, install the new tools, and if it breaks, put
the old folder back? Does anyone know if this will work, or do I need to
make the plunge and see what happens?

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