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Curry Kenworthy curry at
Fri May 7 18:47:15 EDT 2021


 > Paypal account or not, if Matthias is a bot we need to
 > figure out how to spawn more instances.

That's no problem; we can hack into the server and "borrow" the Matthias 
source code. But I don't know what kind of hardware he requires. ;)

(Again, for any who did not understand the exchange between myself and 
Matthias, I "doubted" his existence to call out his casting blind doubt 
on my accurate observations of the very real, and several, LC Hangs.)

Opposing or ridiculing efforts to debug LC is pretty pointless; it's 
very much a "Community Service" when I help track down as many LC bugs 
as possible, and this helps others. You can't fight the facts anyway. 
Not sure why anyone would jump at the chance of being proven wrong! But 
no hard feelings to any; just getting bugs fixed, for the benefit of 
all. And for any that don't get fixed, I'll have a few workarounds.

BTW, I should have tweaked the ending of my previous message:

 > I estimate there are perhaps 6 Hang bugs total, but I can recipe 2.
 > File those bug reports, people! Take care, all....

I left out a core message of my current theme. Fixed it for me:

File those bug reports, people! IMPROVE THE CODE, LC! Take care, all....

Because those are two problems: sometimes LC users don't report bugs.
And sometimes LC is "Too Darn Buggy" to humanly report everything.
(I mentioned the "Bug Monkhood" concept of quitting one's livelihood.)
We should address both sides of the equation: more reports, better code.

I was hoping this would be a one-off quick post without much fuss, but 
on second thought, maybe it's just as well. LC's bug-density is a big 
enough problem that we've had several people simply give up and go away. 
Meanwhile, I've ran into more bugs and poor feature support in some 
areas than I could hope to report in a lifetime!

Some areas of LC just aren't great. Paste and Player come to mind. I 
reported numerous Player bugs, and probably will report many Paste bugs, 
but neither area will be great even with bugs fixed. And the real bugs 
are so numerous that it's hard to find time for filing feature requests. 
Too many bugs and flaky feature support. I'd like to see that change.

I could shrug my shoulders, but that's not my style. I'm going to do 
what I can to help reduce LC's bugs (and some other things) to help both 
LC itself and its users. While also helping myself and some clients.

Since I'm not the clique type, I always get some flak, but that's OK. I 
can handle that, no sweat. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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