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Curry Kenworthy curry at
Fri May 7 16:31:35 EDT 2021


 > Believe me i am real. I purchased every library
 > you've created in the past, so i must be real.

Not necessarily! You could be a "bot" with a Paypal account.
But I am not prejudiced; human or not, you're a valued customer. :)

And so hopefully you see, and understand, what I'm doing in this thread.
LC indeed has several hangs, and is "Pretty Darn Buggy" in general.

When you cast doubt on my observations, you're not helping the cause.
I'm not doing it for myself; LC being "Pretty Darn Buggy" hurts people.
I can always workaround, but other people may not be able to do that.

And there's a Catch-22, because LC being Pretty Darn Buggy slows me up.
Making workarounds on features that should be solid/stable wastes time.
Until I finish a couple of deadlines, I can't even report the recipes!
I would have finished this work long ago if LC had fewer bugs.

Which, I know, further compounds the problem. But it's a bigger problem.
I estimate that I've had 4 types of Hangs, of which I can recipe 2.
The other 2 are less common or harder to pin down; no imminent recipes.
And (as I've emphasized) I've seen and heard about even more Hangs.

And if you decide to "oppose the effort" that's an additional delay.
I'm having to repeat things for you that I already stated.
That's fine; if it helps the effort, it's worth it. But it takes time.

And guess what - addon work comes after the deadlines and bug reports.
So, if you'd like to cooperate more, rather than casting blind doubt...
...maybe we'd both benefit, huh? When LC is less buggy, it helps us all.

Anyway, thanks for being a customer. I seem pretty real.
If you're a bot, the AI is getting pretty good already. :)

The LC "Cliques" are also real, but I do have a Communication degree,
in addition to my Computer Science education, and that helps.
I clearly see memes, messages, insinuations as if they were neon signs.
Sometimes I use my Communication skills here, again to help all of us.

Take care! I do truly appreciate your thoughts on this.
Hopefully we can talk more after my deadlines, and yes ...

 > Please post the bug report id, when you've posted.

Absolutely I'll paste the bug report links here when I file them.
But as I've said many times now, I expect to file TWO Hang reports.

There are other Hang bugs which I am not able to report. (See above.)
Including this one of Tiemo's, if it's NOT the one Panos fixed.
That's why (yep, there's always a reason) I'm talking about it here.

Because there are more Hangs, and more people need to file reports.
Otherwise LC will remain "Pretty Darn Buggy" and that's not good.
I estimate there are perhaps 6 Hang bugs total, but I can recipe 2.
File those bug reports, people! Take care, all....

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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