Close & remove from memory - Engine hang

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Fri May 7 13:09:20 EDT 2021

Hello Curry,

What Tiemo described sounded like this issue - so if this is the
case, this bug is very specific to Big Sur, and it is fixed in LC 9.6.2

Kind regards,

On Fri, 7 May 2021 at 19:19, Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode <
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> Panos:
>  > If I remember correctly, this happened on Big Sur only,
>  > and it is fixed in LC 9.6.2 rc-X
> No way.
> Hangs have become a defining feature of the LC experience.
> They are quite common on both Mac and PC in various situations.
> I'm not disputing that you fixed "something" recently.
> Perhaps a specific Hang, or specific Hang trigger.
> But there are plenty more waiting to be fixed.
> Big Sur only? Not at all. I've had many LC hangs, and please note:
> I don't even have Big Sur yet. Windows and Mac both have hangs.
> Nor have they completely disappeared as of LC 9.6.2 rc-X. (AFAIK.)
> Yeah, I know: it's always a verify specific bug. "File another report."
> And we will! But face facts - this is not affecting one single LC area.
> That means the Hang (or Hangs) may not be only local or specific.
> It's more like a general or systemic flaw throughout LC.
> Either a deeper flaw, or else a bad coding habit being repeated.
> So that means LC needs to look at the bigger picture.
> Thus, you can make the entire "LC experience" less about Hangs. Thanks!
> Best wishes,
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