Close & remove from memory - Engine hang

toolbook at toolbook at
Fri May 7 05:04:03 EDT 2021



LC 9.6.1 macOS 11.2.3


when trying to close and remove a file from memory I get the known window
"really remove the stack file stack?" with the options "cancel" & "OK"

Both options are non responsible, nothing happens.

I still can navigate thru the file menu (with the above dialog still open)
and close that stack (without removing from memory)

But even then I can't close the IDE - nothing happens when trying to quit
the engine.

Only a hard close via task manager is the only option to quit the engine

When selecting just "close" from the file menu, everything works fine.

There is one additional strange issue. In that dialog "really remove the
stack file stack? The text really says "stack file stack" and not "stack
<myStackName> file"


Is it something about my stack what makes the engine hang, or do you also
experience this behaviour?







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