New(?) Idea for Standalones

Paul Dupuis paul at
Mon Mar 29 12:54:20 EDT 2021

On 3/29/2021 12:15 PM, Mark Waddingham via use-livecode wrote:
> In terms of the general thrust behind this thread - I completely agree 
> that standalone building has become tortuous over the last few years 
> as all platforms add more and more hoops you have to jump through. 
> However, this is probably best done by improving the standalone 
> building process (i.e. making it as easy as possible) rather than 
> anything else. 

I complete agree that enhanced standalone building (vs any sort of 
player other than LiveCode itself as is) is the way to go - as Richard's 
new thread discusses.

Sadly, one thing I don't think we'll ever get back is single platform 
building. I started off in LC building for macOS and Widows (and 
sometime Linux) on Windows. And that was wonderful and super convenient 
to be able to do that. Then along came code signing requirements and I 
could (and can) still built on 1 platform for several, but I must code 
sign on each. And then Apple introduced the notarization requirement, 
yet one more thing that required platform differentiation.

What I would not give to get back to click one button and get code 
signed, notarized, and whatever to heck else standalones for all my 
deployment platforms all on a single platform (preferably Windows for me)!

I just think that the OS vendors will never let us get back to that.

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