New(?) Idea for Standalones

Roger Guay irog at
Sat Mar 27 23:10:22 EDT 2021

Here is a report on the back door approach to opening a standalone on MAC OS 11.2:

I built a stack precisely as Jacqueline specified and made a Mac standalone of it. I checked to make sure it worked on my own computer. I then sent the standalone to my wife’s computer – another Mac running the same OS 11.2. Double-clicking the standalone on her computer, resulted is a simple screen with this message: You do not have permission to open the application “StackOmatic”. “Contact your computer or network administrator for assistance” with a single “OK” button.

 I then checked System Preferences - Security & Privacy - General Tab. There was no “Open Anyway” button.

Dead in the water! 

I humbly submit that we need a LiveCodeLight app from a certified developer that runs stacks without the IDE!!!!


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