Problem with Script Editor in LC 9.6.2 (rc3)

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Wed Mar 24 17:58:30 EDT 2021

Thanks Richard. I turned off the line number option and the problem still occurs. I can reproduce this with any script that extend beyond the bottom of the script editor pane. 

Select the first line of a script and then (holding the mouse button down) continue dragging down to select additional lines until you are reach the last visible line. Continue to drag down to get the script editor to autoscroll and the scrolling now continues automatically until the entire script is selected. Cannot stop the scroll until the entire script is selected.

Looks like a new bug to me.


> On Mar 24, 2021, at 2:45 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Henry Lowe wrote:
> > If I select text in the LC Script Editor and then drag down to select
> > additional text (e.g. I want to select an entire handler), the editor
> > starts to autoscroll and does not stop until it reaches the end of the
> > script text. Nothing I do stops the scrolling and text selection. I am
> > locked out of LC, which is unresponsive. Activity Monitor shows that
> > LC is using 100% of the CPU while in this ‘autoscrolling’ state. Once
> > the scroll reaches the end of the text in the editor pane, I get
> > control of LC again.
> >
> > This is only happening with a very large script 5900 lines of text
> > (238K). I am in the progress of breaking this script up into a series
> > of smaller scripts.
> >
> > I suspect that this issue is related to the large amount of text in
> > the script but have not seen this before with this script until I
> > updated to LC 9.6.2 (rc3).
> >
> > Can anyone confirm this issue?
> I have seen similar issues on Ubuntu.  I believe it may be related to the complicated way the line number field is kept in sync.
> The only workaround I've tested is writing my own script editor, thankfully subsidized by a generous soul who commissioned it.  It's not yet ready for prime time, though, so I have no immediate solution for LC SE users.
> > Also, is there an upper limit to the size of a LC script?
> There should not be, at least within reasonable memory limits.
> And if there were, it shouldn't be anywhere near as short as 5900 lines. I've been stress-testing my with 20k-line scripts.
> The LC field object is quite good.  Any script editor using it should be quite good too.
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