Team xAPI in LiveCode, week #4

Brian K. Duck bduck at
Tue Feb 23 11:54:47 EST 2021

We’re looking to identify times for regular weekly meeting. please fill in this When2Meet with some preferred times: <>

Also, we’re drafting an agenda for the next meeting:

Regular Meeting schedule
Goals for #Team-xAPI-in-LiveCode, from earlier discussions
LRP - Build a Learning Record Provider (LRP) for use as a baseline in other LiveCode Projects and publish to GitHub
LRP / Course Content - Utilize the LiveCode LRP to build example training content: likely using video profile, CMI5 or others (elaborate on others)
Provide an 'Introduction to LiveCode’ session, or sessions
Additional goals from the team
Projects Underway:
LiveCode LRP - Repackage of the ADL xAPI-Lab statement building we page, led by Brian Duck
LiveCode with Leveure - Martin Koob is working on an example project for using LiveCode with LTI in the Levure Framework
LiveCode direct to LRS - David Bovill has initiated a project to speak directly with the LRS from LiveCode sending xAPI statements.

BEST means to stay connected:
1. Join, sign up for Slack, join #Team-xAPI-in-LiveCode in SLACK
2. Direct email to bduck a t Mac d ot c om for inclusion on the email list, 
3. Use LiveCode list - messages may be delayed for digest subscribers

Thanks for your time and interest,

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