[ANN] Release 9.6.2 RC-2

doc hawk dochawk at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 14:04:46 EST 2021

michael mentioned,

> Yesterday I downloaded SuperCard 4.8.1 Trail wich still is maintained.

I still have my SuperCard 1.5 install disks . . . 

I bought it because it could have two windows open at once.

When HyperCard 2.0 came out, it did everything I needed from supercard, but there was no back-export available

So some new things got converted to hypercard, using the basic engine I’d written, but I didn’t feel like writing the script to turn every object in the stack into a text list of its properties and another to create the new hypercard stack.

When I started on this project, yikes, a decade ago now, I did manage to partway navigate the chain to loading the old stacks, but it was an odd dance involving an old MacClassic and reading Mac disks on a freebsd floppy . . . if the scsi Zip drive hadn’t failed, it would;d have been a lot easier to transfer . . .

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