[ANN] Release 9.6.2 RC-2

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Feb 20 22:24:07 EST 2021

Michael Kristensen wrote:

 > Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> We've been here before...
 >> 68k -> PPC
 >> Classic -> OS X
 >> PPC -> Intel
 >> 32-bit -> 64-bit
 > More form memory-land:
 > Yesterday I downloaded SuperCard 4.8.1 Trail wich still is maintained.
 > I was able to convert some 30 years old SC stacks so they could run
 > again (at least for 30 days).
 > It look exactly like when I left it for Revolution and Livecode.
 > Richard, you might be the first person I ever emailed to, back then
 > when we had telephone modems (krrrryyyyyzzzzqqqq)

Thank you for reminding me.  I still have a few emails from the old SC 
list. I just did a dive into that archive and found fragments of a 
thread between you and me and Grant Schampel (I sure do miss that man).

Kinda cool how paths cross and cross again, bound together over decades 
through the bond of sharing scripting.

And FWIW "krrrryyyyyzzzzqqqq" might just be the best spelled-out form of 
the modem connect sound I've seen. :)

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