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Wed Feb 17 07:36:53 EST 2021

This is an excellent idea. Provide the basic skeleton, but then demo a couple completed concepts as well to show what could be done. I would be willing to collaborate to make a finished example and document the process.

LiveCode is extremely powerful, but as others have noted some of these advanced features tend to roam from the “simple English” syntax. A little sample content goes a long way. You still need a paid version of LC to get iOS deployment, at least Community Plus: it seems like a starter stub project could pay for itself in subscription fees.

—Andrew Bell

> Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2021 15:26:49 +0000
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> Subject: Re: LC Roadmap
> On 15/02/2021 12:55, Andre Garzia via use-livecode wrote:
>> It is with this in mind, that I decided to create content for our 
>> community. Books are an easy value proposition. Most of our community 
>> is beyond their thirties and have a fondness (and experience) for the 
>> written word and documentation. It is easy to sell books here, way 
>> easier than in other communities which are younger and prefer videos. 
>> That doesn?t mean that I can?t provide videos as well, damn I?ve 
>> graduated with a BA in filmmaking, I?m geared to start filming too. 
>> Books were the first step. I see myself more as a storyteller than a 
>> developer, that is why I want to focus on content for my own career 
>> moving forward. But that is only my own personal journey, other people 
>> here have a different path. I just wish that more people here decide 
>> to share their knowledge (and code) so that we can become a more 
>> vibrant community. 
> Then I have a concrete suggestion for what would, I think, be a very 
> useful e-book + stack.
> A sample 'skeleton' app - i.e. complete but not fleshed-out. Initially 
> it would be for a desktop app (the first sequel will cover mobile). It 
> would implement "good practices" for many of the common features, with 
> enough code being there to do something - but the focus should be on the 
> architecture rather than on doing anything useful.
> It should include (most of):
> ?- splash stack, with checks for updated versions, background 
> downloading & installing them, etc.
> ?- proper locations for libraries, prefs files, other config data, 
> other data, etc. as well as loading the libraries.
> ?- simple preferences handling (i.e. library which will store, retrieve 
> and allow basic user interaction to view/update preferences - given some 
> description of the preferences)
> ?- a menu, ready to extend or remove, with abstraction of the functionality
> ?- maybe a status bar
> ?- some groups that handle resizing well
> ?- multiple cards should be involved
> ?- probably simple SQL (i.e. sqlite + your DBLib)
> And of course the most difficult part will be writing the e-book that 
> describes the app, what it does, and maybe why those particular methods 
> were chosen over some of the alternatives.
> Then the sequel would cover mobile, so adding features like a Header 
> Bar, segmented control, using library to overlay controls with native 
> controls as needed, ... as well as describing the hoops one needs to 
> jump through to actually do mobile developments.
> Further sequels could then cover additional features - again for 
> architecture and example, not just to make it a more complicated app. 
> For example: toolbar, pane splitter, data grid, ...
> Alex.
> P.S. I'd be happy to collaborate on doing the development part - but I 
> suspect you'd be quicker without me :-)
> P.P.S title suggestion "The Soul of a New App".

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