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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Feb 14 13:43:47 EST 2021

There is a whole lot more at While these 
aren't videos, the amount of info there is impressive and lessons are added 
all the time.

Personally I find written instructions much easier to follow and they don't 
require me to spend extra time watching a video and needing to 
run/pause/run/search for the section I want to review.

The lessons site should be prominently displayed in the Help menu.

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> Curry,
> Your comments echo some of my experiences with Livecode. In olden times, 
> when I realized that I could significantly improve my students’ learning by 
> enlisting computers, I began with HyperCard, went to Supercard, and when it 
> failed at cross platform, I went to Macromedia Director.  I’ve programmed 
> in FORTRAN, Pascal. When Adobe bought and killed Director, I switched my 
> coding to LiveCode.
> I still miss Director. It’s animation capabilities and web deployment with 
> a plug-in were excellent. Of course, plug-ins are obsolete and mobile 
> support has become mandatory. The big selling point that is front and 
> center is: English like language. I find that a very weak claim, unless all 
> I want to do is write “Hello World” when I click a button. To do anything 
> non-trivial, you need to delve into coder world. Yes, it is enormously 
> helpful at building user interfaces. Deployment is an enormous pain, with 
> ever changing security challenges. The help files are great at the most 
> trivial tasks, but to do beyond can be challenging. That said, I am 
> committed to Livecode and congratulate the dev team for their accomplishments.
> I would like to see:
> Better help files that go deeper. Have you seen This is a guy 
> who produces quicky videos for free, and offers more detailed courses for a 
> modest subscription fee. I don’t know whether there are enough potential 
> clients for this, but what if a small team of live coders created something 
> like this that would create modest size youtube videos that both bring in 
> new users and take them to the next level with video, sample projects, and 
> text materials? Perhaps the mothership could support and advise while user 
> Fees pass to the authors. Just thinking.

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