Team-xAPI-in-LiveCode Update - xAPI Cohort LIVE today at 2 PM EST

Brian K. Duck bduck at
Thu Feb 11 08:34:24 EST 2021

The free xAPI Cohort,, is underway. This afternoon will be live session #2, it’s never too late to join!

As updates, I’ve posted to the team gitHub:

First Update:
team-xAPI-in-LiveCode Cohort Meeting #1 - 09 FEB 2021
Speaker Name Brian Duck

Brian Duck
Andrew Bell
Henry Ryng
Martin Koob
Peter Bogdanoff
Helen Lenane

1 other came and went…
Will Ji

This update should list:

Accomplishments for the week:
Our kickoff meeting was held 2/9 with 7 in attendance and recorded for others to view.
[](YouTube url)

We used When2Meet, a free webservice that allows participants to enter their availability in a web GUI and allows us to see when good timing for meetings with the most people over a week or more.

We worked through introductions:
Name, Location / Time Zone, xAPI Experience, LiveCode Experience

I presented the 3 components found in the document: xAPI a Guide for Technical Implementers, p 8. These include the Learning Record Provider, LRP; the Learning Record Store, LRS; and the Learning Record Consumer, LRC.

Our focus for the first sprint of the cohort, will be to build a LRP within LiveCode. Brian Duck will lead the effort to refactor the Team-MakeyMakey LiveCode project into a stand alone LRP which uses the xAPI Wrapper javaScript library internal to the LiveCode Project to send statements to the LRS.

David Bovill has expressed interest in building a LiveCode LRP from scratch sending JSON directly to the LRS.

I also presented the architecture for the Team-MakeyMakey LiveCode project, and a similar approach that might be used for the CMI5 xAPI Profile.

In the second sprint, we're expecting to repurpose one of the LiveCode LRP projects as a baseline for adding specific content into a LiveCode app.

Martin Koob mentioned that he is interested in a LiveCode project focused on the Video xAPI Profile, David Bovill has mentioned that he is interested in working on some educational content focused around environmental awareness to be completed and distributed prior to Earth Day 2021, which is as the conclusion of the xAPI Cohort.

We wrapped up with a round table of individual Goals for the cohort for team members online.

Areas where your team may need support:
A suggestion of tools used to determine 'best time to meet' on a reoccurring basis. When2Meet is focused on the upcoming days / weeks, but makes it difficult to determine the best time for a regular meeting date and time. Other suggestions appreciated!

What you hope to accomplish in the next week:
Next week, we'll likely begin the effort to build the LRP in LiveCode with David beginning from scratch and Brian leading a refactoring of the Team-MakeyMakey code.
Second Update:
team-xAPI-in-LiveCode Cohort Meeting #2 - 10 FEB 2021

In the second meeting of the 'Team xAPI in LiveCode' project, we introduced another new member, revisited the slides from meeting 1 which detailed the 3 core components of xAPI: Learning Record Provider, Learning Record Store and the Learning Record Consumer. David Bovill, Martin Koob, and Brian Duck each presented a bit of their LiveCode projects to help new team members understand the LiveCode approach; and we wrapped up by discussing next steps for the team. <>

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